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What’s inside!

Like it Happened Yesterday is a childhood retelling. A child with balloons is leaping in excitement. Sums up story’s real catch. Ravinder Singh as an author has many bestselling novels to his credit, the most popular being I too had a Love Story and Can Love Happen Twice?, which makes Ravinder Singh an author of romance-fiction. Well, not any more. As I went through few initial pages of the book, it changed my perception. It made me to observe the book cover properly in order to conclude the book as a childhood memoir. Like it happened Yesterday runs mostly on childhood grounds.

Childhood is precious time. It’s a unique essence that smells fresh every time we recall it. Wearing short pants was a need but switching to full pants was happiness. Writing with a pencil was a demand but switching to fountain pens was happiness.

As we grow up we restrict our self to certain games only, but I loved the childhood meetings which would lasts hardly for a minute carried to plan the next game to be played and the number of members required. Then there was scoldings if any ongoing fight was dragged till home. Exams and studies was something that we have to do whether we like it or not but must be completed in time, else we have to forget all the friends for a day. We are grounded well in the present but it is our past childhood learnings that helped us to become what we are now.

Final word!

As you read, you would surely come across few incidences that will make you feel as if it is your own story. Like it Happened Yesterday is pure rejoice. It might help you to connect yourself in a better way. If nothing it will at least help you to relive those moments that we all have left behind while chasing the future.

Book Details

Book titleLike it Happened Yesterday
Author(s)Ravinder Singh
Publisher(s)Penguin Random House India
Published in/on8 March 2017
No. of pages216
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