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Two girls and one life-changing excursion!

Unreal by Riley Moreno is a suspense thriller where a leisure trip of two girls turns into their worst nightmares.

Farewelled, Julie Edwards, a college graduate, is now ready to chase new horizons. But wait! She decides to step out on a journey of nowhere before getting into the routine schedules’ of a new job. Her best friend, Kim accompanies Julie on her journey.

Girls are high as they are pumped in with an excitement and thrills of the next-day journey. Their elation receives a warm welcome from Julie’s mother, who throws a party to celebrate girls’ next day’s journey. Julie’s father cultivates a bit of reluctance towards their undefined move but somehow gets convinced.

Daybreaks and the girls had already covered miles of their wandering spree. A moment of solace after a long drive is undeniable. Drove through the morning girls temporarily cut-off their move to have a bite in a restaurant, located in a small town.

Girls awaiting to feed their hunger suddenly confronts a strange character. Scared, by a sudden encounter, girls takes a sigh of relief as two cute looking boys, Matt and Pete, comes to escort them. Thankful for the help, Girls invite boys to join them for a lunch.

As they finish their lunch, Matt and Pete asks girls to accompany them in the nearby woods for a leisure. Girls agree and they altogether hike in the nearby woods. Boys have a cabin in the woods which they used as their summer resort. They invite girls to come to their cabin for a short stay. Julie is a little shy in nature. she hesitates a bit to get along but Kim expresses a quick agreement to the invitation.

Unreal by Riley Moreno is based on two stories that later converge into one giving its characters a common objective.

The other story in the novel unfolds a character named Ethan Graff, a financial advisor by profession, but a wrecked soul. Ethan is battling loneliness and sleeping issues.

His client meet invites him in a secluded cabin in woods as a quick weekend getaway. To his shocking surprise, he finds girls in a cabin shattered and abused for an obvious reason. The girls were kidnapped. Ethan decides to unfold the mystery behind their sufferings. The more he gets into the situation the more mystery unfolds its dark secrets.

Unreal by Riley Moreno has well-developed characters. The story gets a sudden upthrust with every suspense being unravelled.

Unreal by Riley Moreno is a crime/suspense thriller that keeps the reader hooked by its well planted surprising elements and gripping character developments.

Book Details

Book titleUnreal
Author(s)Riley Moreno
GenreCrime, Mystery and Thriller
Publisher(s)CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published in/on14 March 2016
No. of pages400
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