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‘Nazaqat’, the name stirs a unique feeling in the heart and at first you cannot imagine a book by this name but when you read the blurb behind the book, you are pretty much convinced that it can surprise you more. The first thing about this book that I felt strongly was the choice of a not-so-common subject. Prostitution is not talked a lot about even if we are opening our minds to a lot of things. It is the main subject around which ‘Nazaqat’ revolves.

The protagonist Naazani is a small town girl who grows up in a lonely environment. She is innocent but ambitious. She shifts to a metropolis and life puts in front of her such situations that she chooses prostitution as her profession, and transforms to Nazaqat. Though she is strong willed and determined to follow her choices, she goes through tedious emotional turmoil which further strengthens her resolve to bring about change. She narrates her story to an author in flashbacks and her journey from being a prostitute to a restaurant owner slowly unfolds. Her character has been crisply portrayed by Sasha H Singhal/Harsh Agarwal the supporting characters of Biplab and Ishank zing up the story. Plot twists like a murder mystery in which Nazaqat is embroiled engages further.

The story is interwoven with finesse and taps the emotional side of you more than you expect. You can connect with the strong hearted woman that Nazaqat is and you get baffled by what you feel after the book ends, which was quite abrupt for me. The story lingered in my head for a while and I guess that is because of its unique subject. It made me think what would happen if someone someday really wanted to legalize prostitution in India this badly. How would the country react? A lot of questions get placed in your head as you put down the book.

‘Nazaqat’ is a great attempt at trying to present a unique story and the author has done a commendable job of penning down such an engaging tale.

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